Marc became a highly successful entrepreneur over 20 years ago. Since then he has relentlessly studied Personal Development, The Science of Building Wealth, and the Formula for Winning. One of his primary conclusions he developed from that extensive research is that most people DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW. Our school system prepares us to be employees. There is virtually nowhere someone can go and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. Not only that, but Marc concluded that many people have all the talent they need to achieve whatever level of success that they desire, BUT THEY ARE FILLED WITH SELF DOUBT AND INSECURITIES, and therefore never even come close to achieving those objectives. We are all born to win and then, slowly but surely, we are programmed to lose! Schools are great. They are necessary to be educated, but they do not teach us any of the life skills we need to be successful in business. People need to have a BREAKTHROUGH! They need to learn how to get out of their own way and truly SEE the opportunities that God has put right in front of their faces, and then learn EXACTLY how to take advantage of it!

Marc summons up all of his expertise after 25 years of studying successful people and what they do that seperates them from the masses, and has put together the quintessential weekend workshop so that you can truly transform your life from what you wish it could be into exactly what you deserve it to be. He has put together a program that is especially valuable to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, yet still applies to anyone who wants to take control of his or her destiny. He will reawaken dreams that have sunken into the deepest recesses of your heart and give you action steps on how to turn those long lost dreams into reality!

Marc personally conducts the entire workshop and uses every element of his immensely entertaining style to make this event one you will never forget.

Our Breakthrough program is more vital in today’s economy than it has ever been. If your goal is to Survive this economic period, then that is the best you will do. Breakthrough will teach you how to Thrive during this unique climate. In Paul Zane Pilzer’s book The Next Millionaires he calculates that America created about 10 Million Millionaires during our first 230 years and he projects that we will have created Ten Million New Millionaires within the next several years. This is the time to be AGGRESSIVE and THINK BIG. This is not the time to be scared and hold back. Marc will help you acquire the proper mindset to Thrive during this narrow window of opportunity.

Marc only conducts this event once a year, and maintains a strict limit for the number of attendees in order to assure that he is able to have personal interaction with everyone who goes through the program!



  • Detailed Personality Profiling teaching you to read people instantly and know how to best communicate with them with your personality tendencies.
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions to control any conversation and persuade people to your way of thinking.
  • Learning how to clearly identify your number one priority and then prioritize your daily activities to assure that you achieve your primary objective.
  • Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions, therefore controlling your actions, and ultimately your destiny.
  • Understand how to posture yourself in today's changing economic climate.
  • Learn how to identify the people in your life who are pushing your towards your goals and dreams and how to identify those who are pulling you away from them.
  • Analyze your daily habits and how they are either helping you achieve your objectives or keeping you from reaching them.
  • How to overcome the procrastination that destroys people's ability to achieve greatness.
  • Learn how to avoid the trap of being satisfied with good results so you can ultimately achieve great results.
  • Develop a proper understanding and philosophy regarding money.
  • How to master time management...and more importantly, energy management.
  • How to overcome fear once and for all and live in your power consistently!


  • Anyone who has a burning desire to be successful entrepreneur!
  • Anyone who realizes they have no idea how to be a business owner
  • Anyone who wants to dramatically increase the odds of their business succeeding
  • Anyone who wants to collapse time frames and achieve massive success as quickly as possible
  • Anyone who knows that they are allowing fear to dominate their thoughts and rob them from life's treasures.
  • Anyone who in uncomfortable with the changes that have taken place in the marketplace over the last two years, and are not sure where they now fit in.
  • Anyone who is in a rut and wants to get out of it.
  • Anyone who is consistently having issues with his or her personal and business relationships.
  • Anyone who realizes that they are not following through to make the changes in their lives that they need to in order to reach their objectives.
  • Anyone who wonders why some people seem to "have it all" and they can never get where they want to be no matter how hard they work at it.
  • Anyone who never seems to have the time to do what they really want to do.
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired!
  • Anyone who wants to take control of their life once and for all!